But I do need the quiet and perfect and calm of Ubuntu. Native support for p content. Looking for a great laptop choice? I also have a Toshiba as and was having the same problems. After upgrading to Well there is new drivers as of yesterday for the but they don’t seem to want to install with the custom kernel, I am probably just doing something wrong.

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So I think you guys will love this laptop too. Ubuntu seems fairly straight forward.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. On 3DMark06, which measures graphics performance, the A scored 1, nearly equal to the L, but a little more than wirreless the average of 3, Please, any help or direction would be much appreciated If on the mousepad and buttons work normally. However, Tina Fey’s red sweater really popped when she stood in front of a green chalkboard, and we could pick out individual strands of Justin Beiber’s hair.

The A performed adequately for a system with integrated Intel GMA HD graphics, but a bit low when compared to other mainstream notebooks.

That satwllite just awesome. While its size and weight classify it as a mainstream system, it probably won’t leave your desk often. I tried recompiling the DSDT with iasl and there were no errors.

[SOLVED] Problems with and Toshiba A S [Archive] – Ubuntu Forums

Thank you very much. While playing videos and listening to music, the Harman Kardon-powered speakers were able to fill a room easily at full volume without becoming distorted. There is already a patch with a solution for this problem since March but hasn’t been included in the official kernel yet, so we have to compile our own kernel. I’ve wireoess waiting for 2 years to get a new laptop to start playing with Ubuntu.


Now just reboot the machine and select the new kernel entry from your Grub Boot Menu. Would the same solution work with Underneath the front lip is a wirless memory card reader.

How to Locate the Wireless Connection Switch on a Toshiba Laptop

I was copying and pasting the commands on my terminal as I went along. I had no issues with The graphics chip from this laptop model is an intel HD Graphics, and it’s supported for Linux since 2. I am by definition a linux noob, have been playing around with it here and there for the last few years, I am a casual user.

Identify the wireless indicator light labeled with a wireless antenna icon. Preinstalled version is listed if you open system options in control panel. I’m happy I could help other Toshiba owners so they don’t suffer too much with all this: If you don’t need to go online but still want to work on the computer, switch off the wireless connection to conserve battery power.


However, it blends almost too well into the deck; we often had to look down to locate it. Can’t thank you enough for this write-up! I followed this tutorial to get those issues fixed http: Skip to main content.

Watellite if this is really simple but I am trying to learn!

I used your recipe and hand tweaked the patch to include the DMI blacklist so I don’t have to add the boot option satelite grub. Toshiba loads the A with a host of useful software such as its the Eco utility, Recovery Media Creator, PC Diagnostic Tool, and Toshiba Assist for quick access to tools for connecting, securing, optimizing, and fixing your notebook.

Toshiba Satellite AS Specs – CNET

Live Discs will not run, and if I use a text installer then it will install on the hard drive, then fail to boot again. Below, I have attached an open office document that shows what I did. I think I sstellite to finagle my way through it this time, so we’ll see I’m running into many warnings while compiling the kernel.