Maybe I’m missing a trick. On well-engineered recordings, like those from Diana Krall, music is especially fluid and breathes. Yet it is possible that, using my amp with a Stax SR which is easier to drive , or the same SR headphone with a Blue Hawaii SE so, in both cases, the very top end of high-end headphone audio , the small nuances will become more acute, and become relevant to some people. Input 1 USB 2. Red for USB power, green for signal lock.

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I remember when I used Halide Bridge one year ago: It streamed uninterrupted without losing signal. Now that was stello u3 than incentive enough for me to embrace computer audio. It is heaps better than Stello u3 from the Mac or Coax from Windows. No, create an account now.

Further enhancements could be attempted, such as using a Y USB cable separating signal from powerand a 5V battery with USB out like Trent iCruizer or similar units, often used to charge smartphones on the goto get potential improvement at minimal stello u3 cost.

I will offer the truth up-front. But also stello u3 realization that standard U quality files, that is Am I missing something?

April Music Stello U3 SPDIF Converter Review

I’m also considering isolating the ground from the computer via a DC-to-DC stello u3, need to run more tests. It’s stello u3 me a lifetime nearly, as I’m not quite dead yet to get to this stage and I wasn’t going to change what I had.


stello u3 I can only concur. All the other parameters stello u3 grayed, except volume adjustment that I advise you not to change. LED on the front panel Platform Support: Sign In Sign Up.

Conclusions The inescapable conclusion is that the Mac BookPro together with the Stello U3 makes for an exceptional virtual transport, and one that can compete successfully at the highest levels.

Stello U3 review. Personal thoughts. – DAC – Digital to Analog Conversion – Computer Audiophile

Stello u3 little black box delivers exactly what it promises, and in my experience makes for an essential bridge between a computer and an external DAC, especially one that lacks an asynchronous USB input. A note on the DAC.

Rate stello u3 topic 1 2 3 4 5. Posted February 29, OK, so I got 2 outputs, one of which I am unlikely to use but, hey, life’s stsllo compromise.

Stello U3: async USB to coax & AES/EBU transport

Post of We stelll have a single hifi shop where I live now and because of mobility issues I’m not in the position of being able to travel far. Stick it all stello u3 one box, stello u3 cables and power supplies. I couldn’t be happier with my Stello U3, which most certainly improved the sound quality in my system. You must log in or sign up to reply here.


The soundstage 3u very well defined, one of the best I have ever tested with such stello u3 device. Idat came in to replace an old sound obsession of mine: Getting tubes into the digital front seems to civilize harmonic stello u3 and intensify tonal colors.

On a Microsoft Windows platform, things remain unchanged as Audio Class 2. Significant in terms of making a choice though. Could have gone for the new MF V-Linkthat seems to stello u3 all the boxes, but, amongst other things like circuit design considerations, I preferred the way the Stello u3 had it’s sockets arranged, both on the same side so it’s easier to fit around u gear.

Red for USB power, green for signal lock. First contact is very positive, we are definitely in presence of a well performing transport system. In simple terms, everything is stello u3 and there’s more of it. In your equipment summary, you show Pure Music and Bit Perfect.