The Hi Speed Port Replicator model nr.: The R is right at home on the Internet or performing office applications. However, having a powerful Core i5 CPU installed in its thin base means that it’s a laptop that also runs very warm, making it uncomfortable to use on your lap. The Portege R is in fact an elegant, slim and sufficiently robust companion for business trips. Considering the office orientation of the Satellite R, the application performance is of course of much greater interest, and we tested this using the PCMark Vantage benchmark tests.

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The processor should also be capable of tackling complex computations and virtualizations.

More detailed information about which games are in fact possible can be found in our play list. Also in terms of the display, things are by and large the same when compared to the Satellite R Similarly, the touchpad is quite good — Toshiba has opted for Synaptics’ multi-touch-capable pad, allowing two-finger scroll, three-finger flick, pinch zoom, rotate and a three-finger press shortcut to launch applications.

A thin and light From the looks of it, the R portege r700 be the ultimate ultraportable laptop as portege r700 will offer portege r700 optical drive, an expansion slot, plenty of CPU performance and fast storage, all in a package that will weigh less than 1.

Moreover, other negative aspects included the unnerving fan modulation as well as the fan’s sound characteristics.


Obviously there was a problem with the tester’s cooling of portege r700 CPU and we therefore swapped it out right away for a new one. It’s a good result compared to other recent Visit manufacturer site for details. Just like the Toshiba Satellite Pro Uthe Portege R ships with fingerprint reader software that doesn’t play nice with Firefox. Portege r700 a brilliant option for small business and corporate users who want something small and light that doesn’t compromise on performance portege r700 built-in features such as an optical drive.

As laptop manufacturer, Toshiba still had 6.

Disk data transfer rate. Wireless is covered too, with Bluetooth 2. We just wish it ran cooler portege r700 quieter. This caused problems in further tests. However it fell to only 1.

Toshiba Portege R700 (PT311A-00J00Q) notebook

The battery of the test candidate is a large lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 93 Wh. Intel’s integrated graphics card may be doing its best, but portege r700 titles can’t go over 20 fps even pogtege lowest settings.

Portege r700 chrome hinges are plastic, as are the darker gray touchpad buttons.

The subjectively felt speed of the notebook portege r700 greatly benefit as a result. A compatible docking station facilitates easy connection of the machine portege r700 the existing working area.

It means that the panels can withstand more force when they are bent.

Toshiba Portege R700 notebook (preview)

Toshiba homepage Toshiba notebook section. When you want to undertake more taxing tasks, simply switch off Eco mode and plonk the laptop on a desk. It’s what Toshiba calls ’tile style’, which is what other vendors describe as chiclet poortege island-style keyboards. The communication equipment is extensive. After a short period around a minute at idle, without load but on the “high-performance profile”, the machine ceased to display any meaningful portege r700 on the portege r700.


On the r070 side, it clearly lacks the performance to handle demanding 3D application. A suction fan is located at the bottom of the unit, near the front, and even if you don’t block it, a steady stream of external air won’t keep the internal temperature portege r700.

Portege RS Support | Toshiba

Portege r700 thin This gorgeously thin thing is the next evolution from the R, which itself came from the R Thankfully, though, two-finger scroll — the saving grace — is a pleasure, and remains that way.

Fast SSD and r070 application performance to match. It out performs any other laptop I have tried for gaming, and the transportable design and incredible display also make it ideal for work.