Adapters for facilitating half-duplex wireless communications in portable electronic communications devices, and systems comprising same. In another embodiment, the depth d of the casing is less than 1 inch. As more powerful mobile devices are designed and advanced apps Geo-location, streaming video, device pairing, etc. However, in another embodiment, the power cell modules , , and may be housed within the thickness of the back plane of the casing The thin depth also referred to as the thickness of the casing and mobile device combination allows a user to put the combination accessory and mobile device in a small space, such as, a pocket. In one embodiment, the casing may feature a test button that when pushed causes plurality of LED lights to light up.

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In yet other embodiments, the public key may be transmitted to the accessory by the mobile device through the internal interface The second antenna can repeat or re-transmit a signal transmitted by the mobile device. Additionally, such mobile devices are designed to satisfy the needs of a wide array of consumers. Specifically, the NFC receiver may receive data associated with a payment card, such as credit card numbers, expiration date, etc. The second antenna can be attached to the front side of the back wall of the housinge.

In yet other embodiments, the depth d of the payment processing accessory is less than 0. Thus, the drawings and description are to be regarded as illustrative in nature and not restrictive. In this view, the bottom side of the battery pack is shown. In another embodiment, a GPS unit is used to determine the location of the purchase transaction.

The processing circuitin conjunction with the cryptography module may also encrypt the data received.

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Ksb-2902, the user may program all such access card information onto the NFC accessory jain use the NFC accessory to transmit this information to gain access to restricted areas. For example, scanning an item may increment the quantity value stored within the server for that particular product. According to yet another feature, the battery pack may include one or more different types of communication interfaces to extend the communication capabilities of the jdin device.

Some embodiments can include 11 coils of wire for one or both of the antennas and Thus a signal received by the first antenna e. The supplemental battery can be positioned to block or otherwise impede the signal from the mobile device.

For example, the integrated display may be on the outer surface of the back plane of the battery pack. Electrical insulating layers can be placed between one or more of the ferrite layers and the battery. Although the first antenna and the second antenna appear solid in the FIG.

In one embodiment, an application associated with a given application specific accessory is executed by the processor a upon detection of the associated application specific accessory For example, a user may choose to purchase certain programs e. In yet other implementations, the payment processing accessory may include an input device to authenticate the user of the Magcard. A general purpose processor may jwinn a microprocessor, but in the alternative, the processor may be any commercially available processor, controller, microcontroller, or state machine, etc.

That is, when the mobile device has sufficient power on its own, the power cell of the battery pack is not needed and can be switched Off until it is needed. For example, a third party vendor may wish to manufacture an application specific mobile device accessory that measures blood glucose levels. According to one feature, if an abnormal health condition occurs e.

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In one embodiment, the memory circuit stores applications associated with the application specific accessory The various illustrative logical blocks, modules and circuits described in connection with the present disclosure may be implemented or performed with a general purpose processor, a digital signal processor DSPan application specific integrated circuit ASICa field programmable gate array signal FPGAor other programmable logic device PLDdiscrete gate or transistor logic, discrete hardware components, or any combination thereof designed to perform the functions described herein.

Duplication of such hardware resources to perform different tasks is not cost effective.

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The repeater antenna can include a first antenna disposed inside the case and a second antenna disposed in an additional peripheral separate from the case. Upon approval, a receipt detailing the transaction may be generated by the mobile device Various types of data encryption techniques may be utilized that are well known in the art including: In another embodiment, the LED lights may indicate the signal strength detected by a near field communication device to which the near field communication accessory is attempting to communicate with.

A second ferrite layer can be disposed under the second antenna e. This is possible since the processors may be powered by the power cell and can be configured to operate whether or not the mobile device is coupled to the battery pack.