My new one has many more options and is a laptop. I have very little installed on this computer and it still runs slow and has just kept getting slower. I brought the system from Dell. It freezes at the shutdown logo. Software is old and drivers are getting there. I am planning to install Windows 7 in the next year. I just replaced the graphics card due to the fact that the Gtx seemed to crap out.

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Often does not wake up from sleep mode. I attributed it to Vista.

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It came with Vista as the operating system many years ago and was upgraded to Windows 7 and now Windows Thanks and have a great day. Now the computer will go black and then come back on or it will shut off but the green lite on the computer will stay on and you have to restart by cutting the power off it.

Caught a virus – and after restore, screen keeps flickering, as though a program is running in the background. Even though I have since dell dxp061 audio gotten external backup disks, it is still upsetting when you try to put back rell little as possible, and you still have the same problems. Computer locks dell dxp061 audio during use or attempt to open Microsoft Word, Microsoft excel and internet use.


When shutting down the computer after PC Tune-up has been used, the computer does not fully shut down. Thie occurs dell dxp061 audio times, and believe me it is very frustrating. I have hughes sat. I always has some sort of problem.

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Runs pretty fast but usually when dell dxp061 audio log in my verizon with msn and open my email, sometime it takes a few minutes to open. I really need to use it a while to judge how much improved it is.

Computer sometimes complains about lack of memory. Seem that email sevice seems very slow unless i start the service and wait a few minites to open email folder then it is good.

dell dxp061 audio This computer did not come with or has ever had a PC Tuneup ddell, so I am really hoping that it will help to do as you stated and it will speed up, stabilize, give me better performance, and security. Lockups started two months after purchase of PC.

I do not like the Dell Company anymore because of their use of foreign techs and it dell dxp061 audio over dell dxp061 audio. I di the first and second scan back to back but have not used the computer before this exp061 popped up.

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Boot-up is not normal, as sometimes the POST is not even visible, and there is depl lot of flikering in and out. I have never been satisfied with this computer. As part of our test process, we ask users several subjective questions related to their satisfaction and performance of their computer.

Nothing any of dell dxp061 audio can do!! It auto launches a dell folder when launching into my user account. However,more often than not,internet exp. This PC runs ok and it has a few things on it that are no longer available so I have to keep it. Drop down menues require numerous attempts before dropping down. ddp061

I use it along with Malware Bytes. We hope this helps everyone make more informed PC purchase decisions. Computer recently started freezing while on internet.

I play internet chess with this PC plus I have chess study siftware on this PC and my word like software. Have dell dxp061 audio try something. Something I hate to co! After one year the video card had to be replaced. So far, this has been great.