Offset catch tray Sorting system: Touch to scroll to the next page. Inserting a New Staple Cartridge into FS Finisher continued Pull up the cartridge housing, then remove it while pulling it for- ward. Check the list, then print it from the Counter List Screen, if desired. Click on [Back] in the browser window to return to the E. Follow the procedure below to replace the staple cartridge.

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Copying Using Memory continued When completed, the Basic Screen for the current printing job blzhub be restored. Function Environment Setup continued Enter the following items to register a new E. Firmly insert the cartridge into the housing while aligning the arrow sides of both case and housing, then remove the lock tape from the cartridge. Loading Paper A paper indicator is shown on each tray key of the Basic Screen to indicate the paper level of the tray. Touch to highlight the desired Booklet mode key.


Page [9] Weekly Timer This function can be bizhhub only by the Key Operator after a unique 4- digit Weekly Timer master key code is entered. The Basic Screen will be restored. Page Section 4: Selecting Binding Mode When copying in or mode, specify the binding mode on the Output Mode popup menu to obtain the desired copy result.


The following information items are provided. Copying Using Bizhuv This section describes various copying features available on this machine using built-in memory. Normal Dark original Light original To Select Copy Density Select manual copy density to adjust exposure density when originals are too light or too dark.

Up to 16 previous jobs 4 pages can be displayed. In bzhub case, the machine will not stop until all the jobs on standby for printing are completed. Checking Feature Selections and Proof Copying continued Verify the settings made for the current job. EXIT on the confirmation screen to be sure the data is deleted.

Paper feed into main body Capacity: Preventive Maintenance After a set number of copies have been made bizyub your copier, Preventive Maintenance PM will be required for maintaining optimal performance.

Enter text from picture: Positioning originals in Normal mode Arrange originals in order. Error Message If an error message is displayed after clicking on [Apply], a setting has not been completed due to a machine operation in progress.

The settings of a locked job cannot be changed. When interrupt copying is completed, the settings for the initial job restore automatically and the Basic Screen displays.

Function Setting menu item to jump to the desired window. Key Operator can change the initial output mode. The Overlaying Image 755 Screen will resume when the storing function is completed.

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Loading Paper continued Place paper on the tray with the curl side turning up.

Konica Minolta 7255 Instruction Manual

Server If the password is correct, touch OK. Locating Title Pages on the Right Side Chapter continued Enter the desired print quantity from the control panel keypad. Adding Toner continued Return the toner cartridge holder to its original position, then close the Toner access door securely. Page [16] Side 2 Lens Adjustment Bizyub this function to set the adjustment data of the magnification ratio for each tray as Side 2.

Use arrow keys to scroll to the desired ibzhub size, then specify the precisedimensions of paper to be used, following the procedure below. Load paper aligning it to the right side of the tray. Extension Lead An extension lead must never be used with this machine.

Repeat steps 10 and 11 for all originals.