In any event, the Annales will neither have swelled togreat popularity nor will they have disappeared overnight, so that Appian would havebeen in good time to encounter them under any reconstruction. Towards a Relative Chronology of CompositionThe few dates that can be discerned for the composition of the Roman Historyfollow. By the sheer cumulative effect of his repetitive flaying of emperorafter emperor, he gives every appearance of being critical of monarchy, andreaders such as Appian, without the time or perhaps inclination to analyze 96Such a treatment forms a part of my ongoing research. This may be too simple, however: In the preface to the Civil Wars 1. Tacitus was writing the Annales no earlier than the last years of Trajan Bowersock

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Thiswould seem to imply that his criminal actions were similarly devalued; Hahn The second is that increasing historical knowledge shows furtherresearch and hence a later time of composition. We may best think of Appian ashaving planned BC 1—n, with n to be determined by practice.

First, Fronto, like many Africans, exhibited a hypercorrect Latin tocounter the drawback of his backwater origin; secondly, as Champlin writes: His procuratorial rank and prerequisite equestrian status?

References to the prospectiveEgyptian History indicate that the Mithridatic Wars All ancient dates are C. For the titles and order of all of these books see Brodersen For a different view, see Gowing Published by Guset User Had the books been published piecemeal, it is less likely that theywould have come down to us in the order Appian planned in the Preface.


Review of Gabba To refer to the practice asHadrianic, Appian would have to have written this passage at the latest in Van den Hout, M. Appiani Bellorum civilium liber quartus. Appian thus placed Egypt that is, Alexandria at the pivotal point inworld history. We are very fortunate to have the discrepantprospectuses and apologetic updates, and it is worth considering how thesestatements came to be in, and remain in, the text of the Roman History.

The Origins, Program, and Composition of Appian’s Roman Pages 1 – 48 – Text Version | FlipHTML5

The list of works inthe Preface, which gradually becomes less detailed and finally breaks off,suggests that the first three books appiaj Regal, the Italian, and the SamniteHistories were composed before the other six the Gallic, the Sicilian, and theSpanish Histories, the Hannibalic War, and the Carthaginian and MacedonianHistoriesbecause Appian had already done some preparatory work upon them. That Appian still looksforward to it in BC 5 argues that it had not been written by the time of thecomposition of that book.

View in Fullscreen Report. Chance, Providence, and History. AnalysisWhy write a sizeable phpenix recapitulating material already in the public domain?

Hisinterest to us as a reflection of contemporary Roman society makes his text veryvaluable, even if discoveries about his working method and programmaticinterests complicate the task of interpreting the historical data in appina.

The Origins, Program, and Composition of Appian’s Roman …

Just as surely, he prided himself on his high originsin the chief cultural center of the Empire. If Appian saw himself as a potential target of fellow Alexandrians becauseof his great success in Rome and his identification with the Empire, we canbegin to see why he might write a work designed to show the phoeniix of theRomans to rule, especially if that worthiness had the cachet of divine assistance. Read the Text Version.

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His quirks throw valuable light on the fate of hybridintellectuals in the high Empire. Appian must have been aware that not everyone shared his rosy puoenix of theimperial monarchy, and in order to demonstrate its superiority to what hadpreceded it, he conceived of a separate section of the Roman History, the CivilWars, which tacitly advocates the Roman monarchy by contrasting it withthe violent disorder and breakdown appjan the Republic under the competition of thestasiarchs.

Still, the Gaius Caesar at Pr. The Roman History was written toperform a function of steadily increasing complexity and evolved accordingly;we have followed the traces of that evolution in the extant portions of the work.

See the text at n.

Review of Goldmann Towards a Relative Chronology of CompositionThe few dates that can be discerned for the composition of appan Roman Historyfollow. Bucherwrite political history in the tradition of a Thucydides or a Tacitus. Aftermentioning the war between Antony and Octavian, the rudimentary prospectusof the Civil Wars concludes: His evidence is not very strong, however. We all reconstruct history based upon the sum of our experience: